Readerware Release Notes

Readerware 3.64:

Due to changes in the way Amazon delivers their pages, Readerware was having problems accessing the site.

Readerware 3.63:

Updated Java runtime to fix a problem with excessive CPU usage.

The database file selection dialog now insures that you select the correct database type. It was possible to open a music database in the book program for example.

Several users asked that the Item ID, the Book ID, Album ID etc. be included in the detail view when editing items. The ID is now included in the title bar along with other item information when the detail view is displayed.

Fixed a problem merging contributor entries.

The loan tracker dialog did not include the Book ID.

Readerware 3.62:

Fixed an issue with auto-update. If auto-update got a site overloaded error, the next book was updated with the last listing received prior to the overloaded error. If you had set fields to always update, then this could result in lost data. A subsequent auto-update could resolve the issue. Auto-Update will now skip updates whenever a site overloaded error is received.

Auto-Update could display the wrong result icon, this has been fixed.

Fixed a problem on the Mac. If you set the default access mode to be checkout or read only and checked the option to disable preferences in read only and checkout modes, then Readerware would fail to start.

Readerware 3.61:

Fixed an HTTP header issue that was causing access problems at some sites.

Removed from all products. The site not longer exists.

Removed from all products. The site no longer exists.

Cleaned up some extraction issues, removed HTML that was included in extracted data.

Fixed a problem with garbled data from Amazon Japan.

Fixed a problem exporting images when the tree or thumbnail view was active.

Readerware 3.60:

The Readerware Restore Wizard now has a new restore option, Create maximum size database. The default database size handled the vast majority of databases. If you run out of space it is now possible to increase the database size from 2GB to 8GB by restoring your database and checking this option.

The RWServer Config utility now has an option to compact the database. If your server runs for long periods of time and you are adding a lot of new items, the database can grow in size and needs to be compacted. Select from the new Database menu.

You can now print spine labels with just a line of user defined text. When printing the labels, select None from the label source list.

When exporting to a UIEE file, Readerware was not always exporting the price.

Fixed a hang in the bulk editor when updating a contributor column and the new value was pasted into the field rather than selected.

Sometimes if a database is not closed cleanly it is left in an unusual state. This can cause a database does not exist error the next time it is opened. Readerware now detects this issue and repairs the database automatically.

Borrower ID was not being displayed in the table view when you searched for books on loan or overdue.

Borrower ID was not included in the export wizard column list. It is now included in the list and can be exported.

The wrong help page was displayed when you clicked on Help while printing spine labels.

Readerware 3.58:

Improved export logging.

Fixed a problem printing some call numbers.

Fixed a malformed URL exception when using drag & drop at Barnes & Noble.

Fixed a problem with some missing strings in the music and video programs.

The Mac version of Readerware now has a new Apple signed certificate, the old one had expired.

Readerware 3.57:

Added new font option when printing spine and barcode labels.

Fixed a problem formatting call numbers that start with a single alphabetic character.

In the event of a Java crash on Windows, the log will be output to the user home folder.

Readerware 3.56:

Readerware 3.56 is for Windows only. It includes an updated version of the Java runtime which fixes a problem that some users experienced with Windows 10 Creator Edition. Readerware itself has not been updated.

Readerware 3.55:

Readerware Mobile programs are now available from the Windows Store for Windows 10 mobile devices and tablets. This includes laptops that can operate in tablet mode.

Reworked the mode setting in the Readerware Loan Client. Some users were having trouble determining which mode they were in.

The help page was missing for the database properties dialog.

You can now add the Borrower ID column to the table view.

The export dialog now includes a View Log button so that you can see the results of the export.

The report writer template system was missing keywords for seller fields so you could not include them in reports or templates. Fixed.

The Readerware Loan Tracker window has been tweaked by user demand. We now identify all fields and include the expected name format.

If preferences were disabled in read only and checkout modes, you could still access preferences using the toolbar button. Fixed

The Help->About Readerware menu item only displayed every other time. Fixed.

Readerware Mobile now transfers the disc title to your mobile device if present. Whenever you export tracks, the disc title is now included. Existing users will need to delete their mobile database first. The disc title will be transferred on the next sync.

Users reported the Readerware Mobile want list icon was very small on some devices. This should be OK now.

In RW - Books detail view the book translator was displayed as an editor. Fixed.

Fixed an exception in Readerware Mobile when an invalid port number was input.

In Readerware Mobile the invalid ISBN/UPC sound now plays on all platforms. Was iOS only.

Readerware Mobile 3.54:

You can now transfer a Readerware Mobile database back to your computer and create a Readerware database from it. Readerware Mobile should not be considered a backup as it does not contain the full database. But if disaster strikes and you lose your main database, a Readerware Mobile database is better than starting over. It is recommended that you regularly backup your database.

Readerware Mobile was not always displaying an error when an invalid ISBN or UPC was entered. We now always display an error. There is also an audio alert, (iOS only).

When uploading barcodes to Readerware you had to use an IP address. Readerware Mobile will now accept a host name or IP address.

Readerware 3.54:

Readerware now supports an alphanumeric sort so that you can sort fields containing both alphabetic and numeric characters. The default remains the alphabetic sort. Select Preferences->Views to enable the alphanumeric sort.

Readerware now requires Java 6 as a minimum on all platforms. Java 5 is no longer supported.

Some files were missing from the Readerware Windows distribution which could cause a startup failure if accessibility support was enabled.

Readerware was not always handling HTTP redirection correctly. This caused an issue with Angus & Robertson.

Amazon has been having some loading issues lately and at times has blocked Readerware requests to their site. Readerware will now detect the problem and indicate requests are being blocked so you know what is happening. Previously the item was just listed as not found.

Readerware inserts delays into auto-catalog at times to avoid overloading a site. This was not working correctly for sites that require a secure connection.

Fixed an exception if no default currency was defined on a machine.

Fixed an exception printing a non-standard call number.

Readerware 3.53:

New preference in General->Startup. You can now start the program in edit mode. You can still toggle between edit and navigation modes using the Edit Mode toolbar button.

New auto-catalog preference in Readerware 3 (Music). When a site provides the album artist but no track artist, Readerware 3 (Music) can now populate the track artist from the album artist.

New preference in Database->Access. When setting the default access mode in Readerware to read only or checkout there is now a new option to disable preferences in these modes. If checked all preferences menu items are disabled in read only and checkout modes.

New preference in Database->Access. Added a new preference to set the number of databases that should be remembered on the File->Open Recent menu item. The default is still 6, the old limit. The size can be between 2 and 25.

You could add an item using drag & drop in read only or checkout modes. The drag request is now denied.

The Bulk Editor toolbar button was enabled in read only and checkout modes. The button is now disabled.

When selecting columns in the export wizard you could not select the Actor columns in Readerware 3 (Video). You can now select Actors 1-5.

When selecting columns in the export wizard, new Select All and Reset All buttons have been added. You can now easily select all columns for export for example.

Auto-Update will now enable the Next button on the Column Selection page as soon as a column is selected.

Amazon have started returning multiple results on an ISBN search. Auto-Catalog will get the first result. Readerware auto-catalog now displays a new multiple result status icon when this happens to alert you to the situation. You should check the results to ensure the correct item was cataloged. If not you can use drag & drop to get the correct item.

Due to a change at Amazon Readerware would sometimes catalog the wrong ISBN and format. This is now fixed.

In Sound preferences, the Restore Default Sounds button was not working correctly. The defaults sounds are now restored.

The Bulk Editor no longer defaults the column to the first column in the list. You must now select the column. This was changed to prevent an accidental Next button press on the column selection page which resulted in the first column being changed. The Next button is now disabled on the column selection page until you select a column.

Updating a row in the table view could fail if the allow duplicate ISBN preference was off and the book had a duplicate ISBN. We now display an error.

Fixed a couple of problems using type ahead on a Mac. The cursor keys were not working, you could not move up and down the list with the cursor keys. When you entered an artist name that was not matched and pressed return, Readerware searched on the wrong name. Both issues have been resolved.

Fixed a problem formatting Swedish ISBNs.

Fixed an exception restoring a backup file with an empty creation date.

The Edit->Database Lists->Series menu item was not working. It will now display the list editor dialog.

The Edit->Database Lists->Contributors menu item would sometimes fail. There was a problem if one of the names was empty. This has now been fixed.

There was an error when adding new names to the Contributor list editor. The Use Count may have been added to the wrong name. Fixed.

Backup and Restore were not handling loan client preferences. Loan Client preferences are now backed up and restored.

Access database support was accidentally broken in Readerware 3.51. It is now working again.

Added support for PostgreSQL database. You can now use a PostgreSQL database in all three products.

Now that we are tracking when the database has actually been updated we were able to rework the database close to make it faster when no changes had been made.

You could not update a borrower in the Readerware Loan Tracker, you would always get a duplicate Borrower ID error. This has been fixed.

The loan client would let you update a borrower in checkout mode. This has been fixed.

Backup/Restore menu items removed from the loan client. You can only backup and restore the database from the main Readerware program.

The loan client was not always displaying the correct books in return mode. It is supposed to always display the books each borrower has checked out as a borrower was selected. Changed the way we search for books to fix this problem.

Added a Borrower added/updated confirmation dialogs which are displayed as you add/update borrowers. You can turn off the dialogs if needed. They work the same way as the Books added/updated dialogs work in Readerware.

For consistency between products, moved the startup mode option in the loan client from the Loans preference page to General->Startup.

Readerware 3.52 (Android):

This release resolves some display issues with Android 6, Marshmallow.

Readerware 3.52:

There was a problem copy/pasting an image into Readerware 3.51 on Mac OS X full builds.

Readerware 3.51 used Java 6 as a minimum requirement. This caused problems for users running the Readerware Mac OS X legacy builds on older versions of OS X where Java 5 was the latest available. We changed the build to use Java 5 as a minimum requirement. We will have to move to Java 6 eventually but we were a little premature with the switch.

Changed the way you open a Readerware 2 database on Mac OS X. On other platforms we default to Readerware 3 databases but you can select Readerware 2 databases from the file type drop down list and select an older database for conversion. The problem was that on OS X full builds you cannot change the file type in the open dialog. On Mac OS X Readerware will now accept a Readerware 3 or Readerware 2 database. If you select a Readerware 2 database it will be converted to Readerware 3 format.

The Nimbus look and feel was not working in Readerware 3.51 on Windows and Linux platforms. This has now been fixed.

There was an issue When tabbing between columns in the track table in Readerware 3 (Music). If you tabbed to a contributor column, say Artist, the previous selection was highlighted in the list. However if you hit Enter to select it, the list collapsed and no artist was selected. You can now select an artist or any contributor by hitting the Enter key.

In the Mac OS X legacy builds of Readerware 3.51, the auto-catalog wizard would not open, you were left with a spinning ball. This has been fixed.

You can now set the font size used on toolbars, the main toolbar, the search bar etc. Select the Preferences menu item, then Fonts. From the User Interface Component drop down list, select Toolbars.

Readerware 3.51:

Added a new Contributor Editor to help you edit contributors, authors, artists, actors etc. It is similar to the list editor used on the simple list fields like Category, Format, Series etc. It has all the same functionality, you can add, update and delete contributors, you can merge contributors, clean up unused contributors. The Contributor Dialog is accessed the same way, right click in a contributor field and select Edit from the popup menu. You can now also access all list editors from the Edit menu.

Added support for new spine label stock. We now support 1 x 1 and 1 x 1 1/2 inch labels.

When printing spine labels you can now choose the page orientation. We also added new options for both Call Numbers and Dewey Decimal Number labels. You can now print a Call Number on one line or break it up into multiple lines. You can now print the full Dewey Decimal Number or truncate it if the number contains a truncation indicator. These new options give you a lot more control over the label format. For example when using Avery 8160 stock you could select portrait orientation and print the call number as a single line. Or you could select Landscape orientation and break up the call number over multiple lines.

We swapped out the data picker component we had been using in Readerware as it had a lot of problems. A user from Estonia recently reported it did not support their local date format. Entering dates manually was hard as you had to use the same format as the date picker. Our new date picker solves all these issues, it works very well with different date formats and you can enter a date in full or abbreviated format. For example you could enter Apr 1, 2016 or 4/1/16. If you live in The UK where the day comes first you could enter 1/4/2016. You will notice some visual changes to the date picker too, We hope you will find it a great improvement.

Looked at how Readerware works in tablet mode on a Windows 2-in-1 computer like the Microsoft Surface Book. You can now use the touch screen to scroll the main views, flick upward to scroll the table, thumbnail and tree views etc. The thumbnail view now works better with a touch screen. Touch an icon once to display the popup, touch twice to display the record.

In auto-catalog preferences you can now choose which images to extract. For example you can tell Readerware to get the thumbnail image but not the large image.

Auto-Catalog preferences set the default format for a book to Hardcover. This could cause problems so we removed the default setting. If Readerware cannot extract a binding, the format field will be empty. You can still set a format default if you want.

When adding a new book using auto-catalog or drag & drop, Readerware can detect duplicates using the ISBN. You can choose to allow or reject duplicates. Readerware now also uses the ASIN to check for duplicates, so it will now detect a duplicate Kindle title that you auto-catalog or drag & drop.

Updated the statistics dialog to now include both Owned and For Sale items when calculating the value of your collection.

When Readerware is in read only mode, it was still possible to update the list fields. We now disable the list update dialog in read only mode.

We changed the Web->Display product at menu item to work with the ASIN as well as the ISBN in Readerware 3.49. However the function did not work at all if you invoked it from a hotkey. This has now been fixed.

Fixed an issue in the music and video programs, they would not accept a copies count of 0, it had to be 1 or greater. They will now accept copies of 0 just like the book program.

When cataloging vinyl in Readerware 3 (Music) you have always been able to insert a side break to indicate what tracks are on side one which are on side two of the disc. Right click on the first track on side 2 and select the Insert side break from the popup menu. However we were not using this on the summary panel, this has now been fixed.

Added new summary panel templates for Readerware 3 (Music). The default template now includes a new Bio link and improved disc and track display. Another template adds the new playback timer to the summary panel. Follow along as an album plays. The old summary panel template is still available if you prefer it.

Fixed an exception switching to the tree view when using a Boolean user defined column.

Readerware export remembers the options you choose. However it was not remembering the Encoding selection. This is now fixed.

Tweaked the Homebase import and export. We now include Category and Cover Condition when transferring data to and from ABE/Homebase.

In Readerware Client/Server Edition we now refresh the list fields when reloading. We used to refresh the data but not the lists. For example this could cause an author field to appear to be empty because the new author was not in the list.

Microsoft now requires that developers use a SHA-256 certificate when signing a file. Readerware used to sign our Windows distribution with a SHA-1 certificate. We now sign them with SHA-1 and SHA-256 certificates. Windows XP still requires SHA-1, newer versions requite SHA-256. The change means that all users should see a valid signed file when installing Readerware.

Switched all builds to Java 8.

The Make Portable function on Mac OS X was using a file selection dialog instead of a folder selection dialog.

Readerware 3.50 (iOS):

This release resolves a crash some users experienced when searching their database.

Readerware 3.50 (Android):

This release resolves issues with Android 6, Marshmallow. The system menu now always displays and a crash launching the database selection has been fixed.

Readerware 3.49:

Handle Web->Display product at better. If we are searching Amazon and do not have an ISBN, we use the ASIN. If no key is available we display an error rather than go to the site.

Readerware now tracks database changes and only displays the backup prompt when exiting Readerware and the database has changed. Exit is silent if no database changes.

Added new ASIN based keywords to the report writer. You can now easily generate links using either the ISBN or ASIN.

Added new field type option when adding a user column. Currently we support text, whole number and Boolean field types. The setting determines what data is allowed in a field, how the field is sorted, how the field displays.

Fixed an SQL Exception when bad dates were entered. We now catch these when editing the date and display an error.

Fixed a problem when sorting the search results by call number.

Added Borrower Phone Number column to the Readerware table view.

Fixed a problem running a network launcher, preferences were not always found.

Fixed a problem with auto-catalog not merging the results from multiple web sites.

When you delete an item from the Readerware database, any outstanding loans are also deleted. However this was never mentioned in the confirmation message. We now tell you when loans will be deleted and you have the option of continuing or canceling the delete.

Updated the loan client online help and manual.

In the Readerware Loan Client, fixed a problem where the borrower export was not always exporting all borrowers.

In the Readerware Loan Client when requesting update access, the screen was not refreshed.

In the Readerware Loan Client we now always display the borrower name when returning a book. We used to display N/A if the book was checked in without first selecting a borrower.

In Readerware Mobile you can now connect using the host name or IP address of your computer.

Readerware 3.48:

Ready for Windows 10.

In the contributor dialog the birth and death place fields were mistakenly limited to 25 characters. They now accept up to 128 characters.

Fixed a problem adding a borrower to the database. If the borrower ID was already in use, the add would silently fail. We now display an error.

The database properties dialog could sometimes display a negative size on large databases.

Fixed a problem with invalid dates in some locales.

Readerware Mobile Preferences now displays both the server name and IP address of the local machine. Either can be used to connect to from mobile devices. This will depend on your network configuration, server name might not work on all systems.

You can now delete all images from a Readerware database using the bulk editor.

Fixed a problem accessing databases on Mac network drives, Readerware now handles lock issues.

Fixed some file selection problems with new Mac OS X open dialog.

In the Readerware Loan Client you can now return a book without first selecting the borrower. Any book on loan can be selected and returned.

In the Readerware Loan Client when appending books for checkout a not found error would clear the list. Readerware now preserves the list and you can continue to add to it.

In the Readerware Loan Client we now check the borrower status when checking out books. You can only loan out to an active borrower.

RWServer now always creates a log file. There is no GUI so the log is needed to investigate startup problems.

RWServer Config now displays the server name and IP address of the local machine on the Ports tab. Either can be used to connect to the server from Readerware clients and mobile devices.

Readerware 3.47:

The new Mac builds had the wrong file selection dialog. You will now get the standard OS X file selection dialog for your version of OS X.

Added new popup menu item in the contributor dialog. If you right click in the sorted name field you will now see two menu items to help with editing. The Switch Name menu item will take the display name, switch it to last, first format and store it in the sorted name field. The Copy Name menu item will replace the sorted name with the display name. Both can be useful when the sorted name is incorrect.

Fixed an exception printing Call Number spine labels.

In Mobile Preferences, the Status column is now a locked column. This means that it will always be synced to your mobile device. This is to support the new Want List easy access feature in Readerware Mobile.

The RWServer Config UI has changed. The current IP address is now displayed on the Ports tab. This is the IP address you should use when connecting to the server both for client and mobile access.

The Readerware Loan Client now only allows books to be checked out if the borrower status is active. Inactive borrowers are now highlighted in the borrower table and you will receive an error if you try and check books out to them.

We added a new option to the loan client overdue report. By default each borrower is printed on a new page. You can suppress the page break on the setup page and Readerware will fit as many borrowers as possible on each page.

Readerware Mobile 3.46:

Users asked for easier access to the Want List in Readerware Mobile. There is a new menu item that will take you right there.

The video version of Readerware Mobile was missing the run time. It will now be displayed in the detail view.

Readerware 3.46:

Export was not using the new date formatting options. Readerware will now export the data in full or year only formats.

Readerware was not always honoring the new date format settings when displaying dates. The selected format should now be used everywhere

Unrelated to the new date preferences, there was a problem when manually entering dates on an Australian system. The day and month could be reversed. This is now fixed.

New duplicate test did not work with a MySQL database.

The Readerware Loan Client could hang when connecting to a Readerware server, this is now fixed.

Readerware 3.45:

New duplicate detection, you can now search your Readerware database for duplicates. You decide what makes a record a duplicate.

In the Readerware Loan Client added a new Overdue Report. This lists overdue books by Borrower with contact information.

In the Readerware Loan Client added a new borrower receipt with support for receipt printers. Designed for giving to users as they check books out. Can be set to always print the receipt or manually when needed.

In the Readerware Loan Client you can now check out multiple books in a single transaction. Scan the Borrower ID, scan the first book, scan the next book etc., click on Loan to loan out all selected books.

In the Readerware Loan Client added a new Clear toolbar button. This can be pressed at any time to remove any borrower or book information displayed. Designed to be used after completing an operation so that the next user will not see earlier transactions.

In the Readerware Loan Client you can now return a book without first selecting a borrower. We used to require borrower selection before allowing you to return a book. The return button is now enabled whenever you select a book on loan.

In the Readerware Loan Client a borrower import can now detect duplicates and update an existing borrower rather than always adding a new borrower. We detect duplicates based on the Borrower ID.

In the Readerware Loan Client loan dates are now required. It was possible to checkout without selecting an out or due date.

You can now enter dates in any format, for example Apr 6, 2015 or 04/06/15 etc.

You can now select the date length for any date, i.e. full date, year only etc.

Added support for new label sheets when printing spine labels, both US Letter and A4 sizes. We support Avery 8160, 8195, L7158 and L7651 in addition to the Dymo labels.

When using an ASIN with Readerware auto-catalog, Readerware will now detect duplicates correctly.

Fixed screenwriter link in table view, you can now click on it to refine the search results.

Fixed a problem setting the default search when using the Status field.

A Readerware want list update was not updating the date last updated field. As a result these records were not synced to Readerware Mobile.

When deleting an item from the database, Readerware now also deletes any active loans for that item.

When searching for books on loan or overdue, the Borrower e-mail was not included in the search results.

We now export the purchase price with a Homebase export and we now import the purchase price from a Homebase file. When exporting the Homebase price we use the sale price. But when importing the Homebase price we were setting the value. We now set the sale price.

Fixed menu problems in the want list, not all menus were displayed.

Detail view count and date fields were not displaying correctly in the new Mac OS X builds.

In Readerware Mobile fixed an exception that could occur when an invalid IP address was entered.

In Readerware Mobile fixed an exception that could occur due to an invalid selection.

Added drag & drop support for Goodreads.

New Windows web installer. You no longer have to select the version you want to install, 32 bit or 64 bit. Download and run the new web installer and it will install the correct version for you. Added new shortcut options, you can now select what shortcuts are added to your desktop. The installer will now automatically stop the Readerware Server if it is running. New option to uninstall first to ensure a clean install.

Readerware 3.43:

Fixed an exception if there were active loans but the borrower had been deleted. This affected Readerware and the Readerware Loan Client.

Changed the way we create the table view Show popup menu so that all columns will be visible. If a lot of columns were hidden and your screen resolution was low, Readerware might not have displayed all columns.

Added support for Amazon Brazil.

Added back the User Columns preferences panel to the Readerware Loan Client. This was originally omitted as not being relevant to the loan client. The Readerware Loan Client will also inherit user column preferences from the main program.

Added table view sorting preferences used by both the borrower and book tables.

Readerware 3.42:

There was a font rendering problem in the table view that has been fixed. This problem has actually been there for a long time but it became very noticeable in the new Mac OS X builds. However it affected all platforms. Mac users should notice a major improvement in the table view. Windows and Linux users will also see an improvement but it is not as noticeable on these platforms.

We recommend that all users install this upgrade.

Readerware 3.41:

A new loan client has been added. This adds new functionality like import/export of borrowers, printing borrower barcodes and reports etc. It also simplifies the process of checking books in and out.

When exporting to CSV and TAB delimited files you can now include the image URL.

When searching by status we now always include want list items.

You can now search for items without a category, select a Category search and leave the for field blank.

Added a new expand all option for the tree view. This can be set in preferences so that the tree view always opens fully expanded. You can also expand and collapse the tree from within the view itself, right click in the view and select from the popup menu.

Fixed a problem when using an Access database, a search would fail when the want list was excluded from the search results.

The list editor now works with an Access database.

Added new Mac OS X builds for Mac OS X 10.7 and above. These builds include Java rather than relying on Apple Java and use the new look & feel. We continue to provide an Apple Java build for older versions of Mac OS X.

Added a new Linux on ARM build for Raspberry Pi etc.

The Windows installer now displays a list of known installation issues, i.e. McAfee real time scanning.

Fixed a Readerware Mobile problem on newer Android releases, the barcode capture files are now created in the Readerware folder.

Fixed a problem when scanning a large number of barcodes. Readerware will now warn you when the limit is reached and prompt you to upload the scans.

Fixed some display issues with iOS 8.

We now validate the IP address entered to help with connection problems caused by using the wrong syntax for an IP address. There is an option in settings to turn the validation off if you are not using an IP address.

Readerware 3.40:

Enhanced the way we communicate with web sites. All users should install this release to ensure that they can continue to catalog their books, music & videos.

You can now search for items without an ISBN/UPC. Select the search and leave the for field empty.

You can now also search for empty user defined columns.

Fixed a problem with RWServer Config, when selecting a database using the Browse button Readerware was always looking for book databases regardless of product.

Fixed a problem with the RWServer Config startup script on Linux that caused the mobile sync to fail.

Fixed a problem with RWServer Config on Linux. The default window size was too small which caused some panels to not display completely.

Fixed a problem with the database statistics dialog, it would not open if an item was assigned to a user defined status code.

Fixed a SQL exception if an invalid value was entered, Readerware will now display an error.

Fixed a SQL exception if no loan out date was entered when checking out an item, Readerware will now display an error.

Added a new Borrower search, select to display all books on loan to a specific borrower.

A title search now includes the Disc/Volume title field. For example suppose you have the "Woody Allen Box Set" cataloged with discs labelled for each movie. Searching for "Annie Hall" will now return the box set.

Readerware 3.38:

Added a new server mobile sync. You can now sync your Readerware Mobile device to the Readerware server, no need to run the Readerware application first. We have reworked the RWServer Config utility to use a tabbed panel approach. To use the server mobile sync you must first enable it for each product in RWServer Config. Sync as normal from your mobile device but include your Readerware Server IP address and port 9002.

Added new date sold search to all products.

Added new songwriter search to Readerware 3 (Music).

Added barcode printing support for A4 sized Avery 7158/8158 label stock. The stock is used outside The US in countries like The UK, Australia etc.

Fixed problems printing barcode labels on the Dymo LabelWriter printer from a Mac.

Barcode labels are now formatted better, barcodes and text are centered. Also fixed a problem when the barcode would overlay the text data.

Fixed an exception printing some Call Number spine labels.

Fixed a problem updating a record that could cause the collectible price and count to be overwritten.

Fixed a problem saving the Readerware Server configuration from the RWServer Config program on a Mac.

Fixed a problem with the Readerware Server on Mac OS X 10.9. It would cause a system shutdown to hang. The Readerware server will now close when a shutdown message is received.

Fixed some problems with dual monitor systems. Readerware now remembers the monitor and position of the Readerware window and uses it the next time the program is started. Readerware will open on the correct monitor, it will even span monitors if that is how the window was left. If an external monitor is not present when Readerware is restarted, it will relocate the window to the main monitor.

Added an option to include the Bulk Editor button on the toolbar. Select Preferences->Toolbar.

Added an option to turn off popups on the thumbnail view. Select Preferences->Views->Thumbnail.

Fixed a problem updating currency values on German systems.

Fixed a problem exporting images. Images are exported to a folder, if there is a problem deleting this folder an error will now be displayed.

Fixed a problem adding a video to the database without a title. If the video had a alternate title but no title we would try to add it but the add would fail. We now display an error message if the title is missing.

Fixed an error with unsaved changes. If Translator, Illustrator or Editor had unsaved changes you were not prompted to save them at exit.

Added support for Russian web sites. This included adding a new option to specify a specific codepage when getting data from a web site. Now this basic support is in we can add other languages to auto-catalog. Our first new site is

You can now catalog English books from Readerware was returning not found for English titles.

The Readerware report writer will now handle Polish data correctly. We were using the wrong codepage when creating the HTML file. The report writer should now work with all languages.

Readerware was not using your printer properties when printing. If you changed the printer properties from the Readerware print setup dialog, the default printer properties were still used. Readerware will now use your printer settings.

Fixed some display issues on iOS 7 devices. There was a lot of work done on the UI, some buttons were "missing" because of the color changes, some were too small.

Readerware Mobile connect would fail if the IP address had leading or trailing spaces.

Readerware Mobile barcode capture support no longer validates the ISBN/UPC when you dismiss the keyboard by clicking outside the keyboard. It will only be validated if you touch the Done button on the keyboard or when you select the new Enter button to the right of the input field.

Fixed a crash on some Android devices displaying the detail view.

There have been a lot of general changes to the Readerware Mobile UI to better support newer versions of iOS and Android.

Readerware 3.35:

Added new portable install creator in Readerware. You can now create custom installs of Readerware plus database. You can create portable installs on a thumb drive and access Readerware from any computer, you can make a CD install and distribute Readerware and your database, you can create a network install and let Readerware Client/Server Edition users run Readerware without installing.

Added a new Row # column to the table view. This is just a sequential spreadsheet like line number. You can add the column to the table view, print it etc.

Readerware export will now export the item status to UIEE and Homebase formats. This means that sold items will be deleted from your listings and for sale items added.

When printing barcode labels you can now add an additional line of text to the label. This can be static text, "Property of..." or a database column, Title, Author etc. You can format the line using report writer keywords.

Added support for Dymo LabelWriter printers, you can now print barcodes on single labels as well as label sheets.

Added new way to print spine labels, select File->Print->Spine labels. Readerware can now print Dewey Decimal Number and LOC Call Number spine labels to Dymo LabelWriter printers. We plan to add support for full sheet labels and welcome user suggestions on which label stock to support.

The Status list is now customizable. You can add new status codes but you cannot remove or change the standard status codes. Right click in the status field and select Edit from the popup menu.

There was a problem deleting the contents of numeric fields using the Delete key. The data would return once the record was updated. The delete key will now set the contents to 0.

When importing text files, Readerware will now look at the contents of the file to determine the encoding automatically. You no longer have to select the correct encoding although you can override the automatic selection if necessary.

Readerware had a problem reading the JPG files generated by some digital cameras. This should now be resolved.

Added a new Simple Report table view to all products to make it easier for new users to print table based reports.

Readerware would sometimes choose the wrong IP address when a computer had multiple IP addresses assigned. We have reworked the way we choose the current IP address to hopefully yield better results. We now also display all assigned IP addresses in case there are still issues. If you have trouble connecting from a Readerware Mobile device be sure to try all IP addresses listed.

Fixed a tree view selection problem after updating a record in the database.

Fixed an exception changing categories in the tree view.

Fixed a problem with report writer Series Number keyword. the -H tag will now work correctly and hide series number if empty, i.e. 0.

When switching between different monitor configurations, Readerware could open off screen if monitor configuration changed since last Readerware run. Readerware now resets the display on the main screen if last used display is no longer present.

Using auto-update to fetch new track information would update the run time in the detail view, but not in the table view.

Added external database support for Microsoft SQLExpress & SQLServer

Readerware Mobile now remembers your last five searches, you can easily rerun a search by clicking on the icon to the right of the search for field.

You can now set your preferred image size in Readerware Mobile Connect (sync) settings.

Readerware Mobile now uses your defined name when displaying user defined columns.

Readerware could not export the External ID column to Readerware Mobile.

Added Readerware Mobile remote debugging to help with problems in the field.

Fixed a scrolling problem in Readerware Mobile, the search results list could suddenly take off.

Fixed a scanning problem when running on iOS7. Readerware would hang after scanning a couple of barcodes.

Readerware 3.30:

Fixed an export bug, folder based exports like Images & Mobile could not get past the verify step of the wizard.

Readerware 3.29:

Fixed a launch problem on older Macs with Java 5. Readerware now includes a built in server for mobile synchronization and no longer depends on the Java server.

Fixed a problem if the default view was deleted.

Added encoding options to CSV and TAB delimited import and export. You can now choose from ANSI, the system default encoding, Unicode and UTF-8. This enables Readerware to import and export data in most languages.

Added new Bookzangle export for integration with the Bookzangle system.

Fixed a problem with the bulk editor, when setting a new value you can now enter the value rather than select the value using the spinner buttons.

Readerware 3.25:

Readerware Mobile for iOS is no longer in beta and is now available from the Apple iTunes store. Readerware Mobile for Android has been completely rewritten and is now available from the Google Play store.

Added a new Barcode sync to Readerware Mobile, you can now sync captured barcodes directly into auto-catalog.

Removed Android/iOS network sync option. Starting with this release all mobile versions sync the same way. Readerware Mobile users should ensure that they update Readerware on their computer and mobile device.

When formatting multiple discs/volumes for Readerware Mobile, a trailing slash was left on all but the last disc.

Added a new export option to escape new lines. Readerware will translate new lines in fields to '\n'. New lines in fields were causing problems in some products, FileMaker primarily.

Export no longer includes the currency symbol in price fields.

Fixed an exception printing a report of more than 100 pages.

Readerware was sorting loan dates alphabetically, it now sorts loans in date order.

Loan stats were not always updated.

Improved the database connection error message when trying to connect to a Readerware server. It now explains the situation better and offers suggestions.

Fixed a Readerware 3 database conversion exception caused by a damaged image file.

Added Back & Forward buttons to the Readerware Mobile detail view.

Added a Full Text Search to Readerware Mobile.

Added a Tracks/Episodes/Chapters search to Readerware Mobile.

Added an alternate row color option to Readerware Mobile.

Readerware Mobile could not handle a database without images. You can now exclude images when exporting to a mobile device.

Fixed a sort problem in Readerware Mobile, it would sometimes sort on the wrong column.

Fixed some Readerware Mobile search problems. The Series search was not working, search failed if search text contained a single quote.

Readerware Mobile now includes disc title, changer and slot numbers when exporting tracks/episodes.

RW - Books can now transfer chapters to a mobile device.

Fixed a problems searching a Readerware Mobile database by scanning the barcode if the ISBN/UPC field was not included. Readerware now displays an error.

Fixed a thumb scroller problem in Readerware Mobile.

Readerware Mobile for iOS will now timeout faster when there are connection problems.

Readerware 3.21:

When removing a field length limit in mobile preferences, it would reset to the default value on a restart. You can now always remove a length limit when needed.

Fixed an exception when using the Nimbus look and feel. This could cause Readerware to stall during startup.

Some users experienced internet connection problems in Readerware 3.20, it would sometimes try and use an IPv6 connection when it was not available.

Readerware 3.20:

Fixed an exception trying to scale a bad image file during conversion.

Fixed an exception updating a record if the book title was missing.

Readerware report writer was returning the wrong field for the [[$SUBTITLE]] keyword.

Readerware video table view place link was not working.

The Readerware Mobile image size option is now used for both the network sync and export.

On Readerware for Android the barcode capture file was not always visible when the device was connected.

RW - Books for Android was not displaying the publication place.

On Readerware for Android suppressed the automatic keyboard display on the barcode capture screen. New versions of Android seem to have added this automatic display. Gets in the way when scanning.

On Readerware for iOS new sync support for the iOS beta test.

Readerware 3.19:

Fixed an exception when clicking on a link in the table view to refine the search results.

The mobile preferences panel on the Mac was missing fields because the window was too small. We now size the window appropriately.

Readerware 3.18:

Important: The primary feature of this release is support for synchronizing your database with iOS devices. Currently iOS support is available to beta testers only.
Added support for Readerware Mobile running on iOS devices. You can sync your database over the network to an iOS device. You can export your database and copy it to Readerware Mobile using iTunes.

Added new Readerware Mobile export option, you can now specify the image size used when exporting to a Readerware mobile device. This option is used when exporting only. When synchronizing the device over the network, Readerware will query the device and build the best sized images automatically.

Readerware now maintains the current row selection when sorting the database.

Fixed a problem that could leave thumbnail view popups displayed after switching views. The popups are now closed when the view loses focus.

The thumbnail view was not being sorted on the third sort field, only the first two fields were used.

Fixed an exception updating a record in the database.

Readerware 3.17:

Windows installer updated for Windows 8. Readerware 3.17 has been tested with Windows 8. As a Win32 application Readerware will run on Windows 8 computers and Windows 8 Pro (Intel) tablets, it will not run on Windows 8 RT (ARM) tablets.

When using the tree view with the thumbnail option, images were not always refreshed resulting in old images displayed.

Fixed an exception when switching to the tree view with no search results, i.e. the last search returned not found.

The view focus preference is now honored after closing the loan dialog.

Fixed an exception at startup if the detail view default tab preference was set to Volume/Disk.

Reset the keywords search to always use wildcards, they are required.

Readerware 3.16:

There is a new option to display loan information in all searches. You used to have to do a loan search to see what items were checked out, who had them etc. You can now request that Readerware include this information in all searches. Readerware will then include information from the first loan in the search results. Select Preferences->Loans to turn this option on.

Readerware now selects the contents of a spinner control as soon as you select it. It used to require multiple clicks before you could change a spinner control.

Installing Readerware Client/Server Edition as a Windows service is now much easier. You can install, remove, stop and start the Readerware server from the RWServer Config utility. Look for the new Service menu item in the Windows version. You do need administrator privileges to access a Windows service so Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may have to respond to the User Account Control dialog when starting the program. In addition to installing the Readerware server as a Windows service you can use the program at any time as a quick way to stop or start the server. Use it to stop the server when upgrading Readerware for example.

Keyword searches no longer use wildcards by default. For example a search for WW I would also return books with a keyword of WW II because Readerware was using a wildcard search. Wildcards are now off by default but you can still use them when necessary.

Readerware now sorts Library of Congress Call Numbers correctly.

You can now export the new Disk/Volume count fields.

Readerware will now select the next record in the database after you delete a record. There were some instances where Readerware would select the first record in the database. We now maintain the current position.

Fixed an exception pasting an image. Readerware scales a large image if it will not fit in the database but there was a problem if the image was still too large after scaling. Readerware now displays an error if this happens.

Fixed an exception deleting the last disk on an album, i.e. disk 2 of a 2 disk set.

The time stamp on one of the Readerware database files was not changed at close even though the database was updated. This could cause sync utilities to skip the file.

If you tried to delete a record using the table view but one of the cells was being edited, Readerware could hang. Readerware now ensures all editing is stopped before deleting a record.

Fixed a problem creating a report in the report writer if your Documents folder was redirected to a network share.

Readerware 3 could block Windows shutdown if it was still running. Readerware will now close when you shutdown Windows.

The Windows 64 bit installer could be installed on a 32 bit system. The 64 bit installer will now fail on a 32 bit system.

An abnormal shutdown of the Readerware client could cause the Readerware server to close the database preventing other users from accessing it. The server database will only be closed when you stop the server.

Mac OS X applications are now signed with Apple issued certificates. This means that you will no longer have to respond to Gatekeeper dialogs when you first run the programs.

Readerware 3.15:

You can now request that Readerware scale images as they are added to the database. You set the size and Readerware will automatically scale the image for you. This happens however you add the image, auto-catalog, copy/paste, select an image file etc. You can scale existing images using the bulk editor. Readerware will always scale images that are too large for the database. In earlier releases it was possible to add images that were too large and this could cause problems. A new image verify function is available in the bulk editor that will let you check and fix problem images in your database. It is recommended that all users verify their images after installing this upgrade.

Fixed some exceptions that could occur when updating a record. These were traced back to large images in the database. Use the image verification function in the bulk editor to resize any problem images.

Added a new Keys search. This will search all key fields like ISBN, User Number, Book ID etc. It is designed for use when you have your own number on older books that may not have an ISBN. You can now select a Keys search, scan the barcode, enter the ISBN or Book ID etc. and the item will be returned.

There is a new Disk/Volume count column in the database. You can now display the number of disks in an album as a column in the table view for example. This is a read only column, the value is calculated.

There is a new Disk/Volume title field in the detail view. You can now title individual DVDs in a box set for example.

When displaying an item in the detail view, the item title is now included in the window title bar. This can be useful when you are editing album track entries and you forget which album you are working on. You can check the title bar instead of switching back to the summary tab.

Fixed a problem when printing barcodes, some barcode labels were skipped.

The Database Properties dialog now includes the database type so that you can easily see if you are connected to a Readerware server or have a local database open.

A scraper or template update could sometimes fail because a file was in use. You now have the option of retrying or skipping the update.

Series number was limited to 999, it will now accept up to 99,999.

Updated Readerware for Android. Dialog buttons were causing some issues because a function like delete was too close to the scan button when capturing barcodes for example. Dialogs now have a better button layout and the number of buttons reduced. Functionality has not changed.

Mac OS X applications are now signed. We are using a third party certificate, we are still working on getting Apple certificates.

Readerware 3.13:

Changed the way Readerware reorganizes the database after a long running operation like auto-catalog. It could cause problems with the database.

Fixed a problem updating records that could cause auto-catalog to fail to add new items.

Added new jump to functionality to the table view. Right click on any column header, type one or more characters and hit Enter. Readerware will position the first row containing the specified content at the top of the view.

Improved inventory support. The bulk editor now lets you increment as well as set the count. New inventory search options include comparison of inventory and copy counts. You can now perform an inventory and know if your collection is complete or if items are missing.

Added a new preference setting to only beep when a search does not return any items. No dialog to dismiss. Select the Preferences menu item, then Search List.

Added way to remove report writer templates you no longer use. Select File->Remove template in the report writer window.

Toolbar display preferences now, Text and icons (default), Icons only and Text only.

You can now add Preferences, Auto-Update and Default Search buttons to the standard toolbar. Select the Preferences menu item, then Toolbar.

Added a restore button to auto-catalog preferences.

Tweaked summary pages based on user feedback.

Fixed a problem when reloading an ISBN/UPC list in the bulk editor, you could get the wrong list.

Added Category and Keyword searches to Readerware for Android.

Added an option to alternate the background color on the Readerware for Android list view.

Fixed a problem displaying user defined fields in the video version of Readerware for Android.

Help updates

Check out the new Readerware Tutorials, select the Help->Tutorials menu item.

Readerware 3.12:

Readerware now uses column names throughout. It used to use the internal database field names in some places, auto-update for example.

Readerware (Video) drag & drop could be very slow when adding actors to the database. Problem was worse at sites that provided a large cast list.

Readerware (Video) can now auto-update Actors, this was missing in earlier versions.

When adding chapters/disks/episodes to an entry, the new disk is now focused.

All price fields can now be adjusted up or down by a given percentage using the bulk editor. In earlier versions only the item value could be adjusted.

An invalid image was causing problems when using the Android sync function. Invalid images are now skipped.

Readerware for Android sort selections were not working correctly.

Fixed problems with Readerware on Android 3.2.

Android fast scrolling was not working correctly after you switched databases.

Readerware for Android did not trim leading and trailing spaces from the search value.

Fixed an exception in the Readerware for Android database list function when no databases were found. Same problem in the Search function.

Readerware for Android can now be installed on the device or on the sdcard.

Updated the Readerware web site search pages used when you select one of the Web->Search menu items. These now use the same look and feel as the main web site.

Readerware 3.11:

Readerware for Android now displays all exported fields. In the last release only common fields were displayed.

Fixed a problem converting a Readerware 2 database with active loans to Readerware 3 format.

Fixed a problem restoring a Readerware 3.10 backup.

Readerware (Music) and Readerware (Video) were not restoring preferences when the restore option was set.

You can now run the Readerware (Music) server in evaluation mode. You would get an invalid registration error in earlier releases.

Readerware 3.10:

Introducing Readerware Mobile for Android devices:
Readerware Mobile lets you take your database with you on an Android device. You can browse, search your database and want list.

Readerware has a new preferences panel where you can define what fields are included in the Readerware Mobile database.

Readerware includes a Readerware Mobile network sync facility and a Readerware Mobile export so that you can easily transfer your database to your mobile device.

You can also use your Android device to capture barcodes and upload to Readerware auto-catalog.

Added a new loan history feature. The database now includes loan count and last loan date fields. These are updated automatically as you check items out, you can also set them manually. Designed to help you identify less popular titles.

Added a new "Seller" detail view display type to the book version. This includes seller related fields like sale price, date etc. Designed to make it easier to prepare listings for sale.

Added a catalog number search to Readerware 3 (Music).

Large auto-catalog sessions could run out of memory.

Fixed an exception when adding a new list entry in the bulk editor.

Fixed a problem with Bookhound exports, Readerware was adding quotes around the data and Bookhound would import them. Readerware no longer uses quotes when exporting to Bookhound format.

Fixed a problem with Amazon UIEE exports, the release date was in the wrong format. It is now output as year only.

Readerware 3 (Video) auto-catalog with the merge option set would only get actors if available on the first site. It will now get them from any site.

In the Readerware 3 (Video) table view, Actor-5 was always empty.

Added a new detail view preference to display buttons under the images. In Readerware 3 you manipulate images using a right click on the image and selecting from the popup menu. If a transparent image was accidentally selected, it was difficult to delete. With the button option on, you will always be able to delete an image.

In auto-catalog preferences it was possible to exclude the title. This caused adds to fail as title is a required field. You can no longer exclude the title, it is always extracted.

Readerware auto-update now considers a title of "No Title" and "Not found" to be empty and will update it.

Readerware auto-update was always updating the value fields as a value of 0.00 was not considered empty.

Fixed a problem where the auto-catalog site list could be empty.

If you deleted all displayed records, Readerware would not always refresh the display.

When updating an item in the detail view while working on one of the disc/volume tabs, Readerware would select the first tab after the update. It now maintains the current position.

When updating dates in the detail view with an invalid date, Readerware displayed an error and set the cursor in the problem field. This was kind of subtle and some users were unable to identify which date was in error. We now select the date.

In the Readerware 3 (Video) table view, the run time column was read only. You can now edit the cell when in edit mode.

It was possible to delete all discs/volumes for an item. Readerware no longer lets you delete the last entry.

It was possible to create a disc with no tracks which would prevent you from adding tracks. Readerware now assures that tracks are created.

Wrong error message displayed when a contributor name was omitted.

Dealer related fields were missing from the bulk editor.

When registering the Readerware Server you had to type in the registration information. There is now a Paste button to simplify registration.

The Readerware Windows installer now includes an option to allow you to run multiple instances of Readerware and have multiple databases open at the same time.

A few Windows users were experiencing video refresh problems. The Readerware Windows installer now includes an option to install a version that does not use graphics acceleration. If you experience video problems after installing Readerware, rerun the install and choose this option.

On Linux the Readerware splash screen remains on top of other windows which can obscure error messages. The Readerware splash screen is now turned off by default on Linux.

Fixed a problem on Linux when playing media files.

Added support for the new British Library site. There were also changes to the extraction logic to handle some problem sites.

Removed import past purchases.

Product help updated. Product help is now available as a PDF file on the website.

Readerware 3.05:

When upgrading from Readerware 2 to Readerware 3, the program would sometimes fail to find the 2.0 database automatically.

Readerware 3.04:

Added a new Contributor preferences panel. There are extended options for how Readerware displays and sorts contributor names like artist, author etc. You can:
Also on the contributor preferences panel, you can now change the way Contributor searches work. When you select a contributor like artist from the list, Readerware searches for an exact match returning a list of albums by just that artist. You can now force a wild card search so that Readerware returns albums that include that artist.

You can now display both the contributor name and contributor sort name columns in the table view. This makes it a lot easier to spot invalid names.

Added a new primary contributor search to all products. An artist search will search at both the album and track level. The new Artist (Primary) search searches at the album level only. These searches are disabled by default, use the search list preferences to enable them.

The Web->Display product at menu now includes all active sites so that you can choose the site to use.

Auto-Catalog performance has been improved. This could slow down when adding a lot of contributors. This was particularly noticeable in the video product.

Import performance improved. Large imports could be very slow, performance has been improved considerably.

Readerware now preserves the table selection and location when switching in and out of edit mode.

Bold font selection is now working in Readerware preferences.

Expanded the read/played searches to Never, Once, Once or more, More than once.

Readerware auto-catalog and drag & drop were not checking image length. Some sites were providing huge images. Readerware will now reject images that are too large.

Drag & drop of a new image onto an existing record was not working.

Readerware was not handling some Dutch ISBNs correctly due to bad punctuation rules. Added rules for many new countries.

The user number fields in the bulk edit wizard were too small.

When using an ISBN list with the bulk editor, Readerware would not find some ISBNs.

Title is a required field. Readerware was not correctly checking for an empty title. This could result in an exception trying to add or update a record because the title was missing. Readerware will now display an error if the title is missing.

Readerware would let you delete all discs from an album or video. At least one disc is required so you can no longer delete the last disc.

When updating user defined columns in the table view, a change to 1 column could be applied to all user defined columns.

When updating a record from the unsaved changes dialog, Readerware was not refreshing the results. The data was saved but it looked like the change was not applied. Readerware now refreshes the results.

The detail view summary panel was not always refreshed. For example select a new image and update the record. Switch to the summary tab, the old image was still displayed.

Added new large font summary view templates. These are the same format as existing templates but the font is larger. Select the templates using Preferences->Views->Detail.

Reviewed the various Readerware export formats, some fields were not being exported correctly in 3.0.

Imports now add required fields. For example Title is a required field, if you tried to import a file that did not contain the title, the record was rejected. Readerware will now add a default value for required fields. This lets you easily import a file of ISBNs and locations for example. You can then use auto-update to fetch new information from the web.

Readerware expects all ISBNs to be stored internally in ISBN-13 format. When importing an ISBN-10 from a TAB delimited or CSV file, Readerware was storing it in ISBN-10 format.

Readerware could run out of memory when exporting a lot of image files. This has been corrected and you can now export all database images.

Readerware would always wrap cell data in double quotes when exporting to a CSV or TAB delimited file. Some programs were having trouble importing these files. Wrapping the data in double quotes is now an option set during export.

The want list price check function would sometimes display the prices in the wrong rows.

Readerware would sometimes fail to open a database saying that it did not exist when the files were there. This was caused by a problem during the previous close. This issue is now resolved and Readerware will recover from this error.

The location for preferences was not always set correctly on a Windows system. Readerware will now always store preferences in your application data folder.

There was a problem with auto-catalog if you installed Readerware 3 over Readerware 2, this has now been resolved.

Readerware restore would truncate the restore path if it contained a period.

Added support for printing ASIN barcodes.

Added Product ID, Call Number and ASIN searches to all products.

It was possible to add empty borrower records to the database which could not be deleted. Readerware will now prevent this.

Simplified client/server setup. You used to have to create a database in order to enter the product and select the advanced open mode so that you could connect to a server. Now when you register Readerware Client/Server Edition this option is set automatically. During the evaluation period there is a box that you can check in the evaluation window to enable client/server support.

When accessing a server database Readerware now gets the real database name to help with database identification. In the window title Readerware includes both the server and database name. When backing up a server database, Readerware uses the database name.

Fixed an exception displaying some images from an Access database.

When creating an Access database Readerware was using the wrong schema. This resulted in long text fields like product information getting truncated. Readerware now creates an Access database with the correct schema, but this change will not affect existing databases. You should backup and restore your Access database to resolve this issue.

Fixed an problem displaying changed records after using the bulk editor with a MySQL database. Readerware could display extra records.

Readerware could not display the borrower dialog on Linux.

Database selection dialog was too small on Linux resulting in missing and compressed data.

Product help updated.

Readerware 3.04 has been tested with the latest release of Max OS X, Lion. Everything works as expected. There is more with using Readerware on Lion in this knowledge base article.

Readerware 3.03:

There was a problem with databases converted with a beta release when opened in Readerware 3.02, the detail view summary page was blank and Readerware would display spurious unsaved changes prompts.

Readerware 3.02:

Fixed a SQLException that could occur when updating a record after auto-catalog.

Fixed an Exception that could occur when updating a record after a search if the update changed the search field. For example, search for a specific author then change the author and update the record.

On some systems Readerware would display the full database after an auto-catalog run instead of just the new items.

Entering a name containing the asterisk wild card character could cause the search to fail.

Adding an item with just a space in the title field would cause an exception.

Added a new preference setting to control the table row background color. By default Readerware uses an operating system setting to determine the background color. This is normally a very light gray but on some systems was much darker. You can now force the background color to white. Select the Preferences menu item, then Views, then Table.

Drag & drop now works with IE9. When using IE9 Readerware will always display a popup asking you what kind of action you want to perform on the drop. This will be addressed in a future release.

Auto-Catalog preferences were not always saved correctly and could reset after restarting Readerware.

Bulk edits and auto-update could be very slow on large databases due to excessive database optimization.

The Contributor delete button was disabled in some instances that could prevent you from deleting an unwanted contributor.

Readerware 3 (Video) searches were consuming too much memory resulting in some slow downs and application hangs.

Readerware 3 (Video) was displaying the wrong actors in the table view.

Added a Book ID search to support Book ID barcodes. Users can now print their own barcodes using the Book ID, select a Book ID search and scan the barcode to display the book. Same functionality added to music and video versions.

You can now use the Book ID as the file name when export images. Same functionality added to music and video versions.

Importing records with an invalid ISBN or UPC was not working correctly.

The Nimbus Look & Feel was not working correctly in the video program. It could stop the program from starting.

Readerware could fail to convert an ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 in some instances.

Readerware will now correctly format Indian ISBNs, 978-81.

3.0 conversion could fail if the 2.x database had an invalid loan out date.

Backing up a Readerware Access database would fail with a SQLException.

Displaying a contributor from an Access database failed.

Backing up a Readerware MySQL database would create an invalid backup file.

Restore could fail because of a integrity problem in the backed up database. The restore now handles this and corrects the problem in the restored database.

If you have set up Readerware to start in read only or checkout mode and supplied a password to enter full access mode, making a change in preferences reset the database mode. It is now unchanged unless you specifically change the default access mode. There was also a problem that could cause the password to be lost.

Spacer image used by some report writer templates was missing.

Added new [[$AUTHORLAST]] and [[$ARTISTLAST]] report writer tags. The normal tags will return the name in the currently selected format, First Last or Last, First. The new tags will always return the name in Last, First format. Some templates needed the last name first to work correctly, they have been updated to use the new tags.

Readerware Windows downloads and executable files are now signed for added security.

Numerous documentation updates.

Readerware 3.01:

Some databases would fail to load completely and trigger an exception. This was caused when a list entry was deleted but still referenced.

Readerware 3.0:

Readerware Corporation is proud to announce the release of Readerware 3.0.

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