The Readerware Command Line

When specifying Readerware command line options you must follow the program name with the options. For example:
C:\Program Files\Readerware 4\readerware.exe <options>

Windows has a lot of problems if there are spaces in any value. You must put the value in double quotes. If both the program name and the option have spaces, you must put each in a separate set of double quotes. For example:

"C:\Program Files\Readerware 4\readerware.exe" -db"C:\Library\My Books.rw3\My"

If you put the whole line in one set of double quotes, Windows will not parse the command line correctly.

Readerware Options

Readerware will accept the following options on the command line:

Database Name

You can use the -db option to include the full path name of a Readerware database on the command line.
-db"C:\Users\Bill\Documents\Readerware\My Books.rw3\My"

Preferences File

You can use the -pf option to include the full path name of a Readerware preferences file on the command line. If the file does not exist Readerware will create it.
You can use both the Database Name and Preferences File options to create completely isolated environments for each database.

Debug Mode

You can use the -debug option to start Readerware in debug mode. You should only use this option at the direction of Readerware technical support. It can impact system performance.:

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