An Introduction to Readerware

Readerware is a collectors dream come true, catalog your books, music & videos automatically. It includes:
  • Readerware can search the internet and automatically catalog the books, music & videos you own, complete with cover art. There is no easier way of cataloging your library. It eliminates or reduces the chore of manual data entry.
  • A powerful SQL database to store and track your library. It can store thousands of titles.
  • Bar code reader support, literally catalog an item by scanning the barcode, Readerware does the rest.
  • User friendly database searches. Search on virtually any field. No database knowledge needed!
  • Support for multiple databases, create as many databases as you want or store everything in a single database.
  • Built in access to the ultimate reference sources, The Library of Congress and The British Library.
  • Fully integrated want list with price comparison.
  • Compare prices before you buy.
  • Sophisticated reporting to produce hard copy listings of your library and want list.
  • Easy to use, configurable operation
  • Full mouse and keyboard navigation.
  • Powerful import/export capabilities.
  • Support for multiple platforms, take Readerware and your database to your platform of choice.
  • Full online help
  • Mobile support
  • Whether you are someone who loves to read or someone who loves to collect, Readerware is the product for you.

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