Readerware Restore Wizard

Readerware allows you to easily backup your database to a compressed ZIP file. The backup file will contain all your data, images and preferences. You can then save this file in a safe place.

Should disaster strike, The Readerware Restore Wizard will guide you through the simple process of restoring your database.

Backup File Selection

You need to tell Readerware the name of the backup file you wish to restore from and where it is located. Click on the Browse button and select the file from the standard file selection dialog.

Restore Options

A Readerware backup file contains both your database and your Readerware preferences.

Normally you would restore your database only, but if you are restoring to a new system or your hard drive failed, you should restore your preferences too. Preferences include your Readerware settings, licenses etc.

Normally the default database size of 2GB is plenty. If you do exceed the maximum size you will get an exception when you add new records to your database. This exception will state that the data file size limit has been reached . If you receive this error, check the Maximum size option. The restored database will then support up to 8GB of data.

Database Selection

You need to tell Readerware where to create the restored the database. Click on the Browse button and select the file from the standard file selection dialog.

The new database name must not already exist, Readerware does not allow you to overwrite an existing database.

Verification Page

Next up is the verification page. This is your last chance to change your settings prior to running the restore. A quick summary of your choices is listed. Click on Next if you are ready to go. Click on Back if you want to change your choices.

Restore Running Page

When you reach this page, your Readerware restore is running. You will see a progress bar that will update as Readerware restores  the data from the ZIP file.

When the restore completes, click on the Next button to proceed to the final page of this wizard.

Restore Complete Page

This page displays the overall restore statistics:

When you are done, click the Finish button to exit the restore wizard.

When you click on Finish, Readerware will open your new database.

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