Copy/Paste Database Rows

You can copy/paste rows in a Readerware database, you can paste into the same database or another database. Use copy/paste to help with data entry, to merge databases etc.

Copying Rows

It is best to use a table view when copy/pasting rows, you can easily select groups of rows. You can select one or more rows by clicking on the cursor icon at the beginning of a row. To select your first row, just click on the cursor icon. To select another row, use the standard list selection keys for your operating system to select other rows or a range of rows. For example on Windows hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the next row. On Mac OS X hold down the Command key and click on the next row. To select a range of rows, hold down the Shift key and click on a row, all rows between the new and previous selections are now selected.

Select the appropriate menu item to copy the selected rows to the clipboard. Select Edit->Copy Albums, in the music program, Edit->Copy Books in the book program and Edit->Copy Videos in the video program.

Readerware will display a running count of the rows copied in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

Pasting Rows

If you are going to paste the rows into another database, you should open the database first using the File->Open menu item or the File->Open recent menu item.

When pasting rows into a database Readerware honors the database allow duplicates option. If allow duplicates is off and the ISBN or UPC already exists in the database, the paste will fail. You should turn on the allow duplicates option if you will be pasting rows with the same ISBN or UPC into the database. Select the Preferences menu item, then Database, then Settings. Make sure the allow duplicates option is checked.

To paste the rows into the database, select the appropriate menu item to paste the rows from the clipboard. Select Edit->Paste (Insert) Albums, in the music program, Edit->Paste (Insert) Books in the book program and Edit->Paste (Insert) Videos in the video program.

The paste does not replace any selected rows, the paste always adds the new rows to the database.

Readerware will display a running count of the rows pasted in the status bar at the bottom of the window. Once all rows have been pasted into the database the Paste Results Dialog is displayed. This includes statistics and a log so that you can examine any errors.

Copy/Pasting Large Databases

As Readerware uses the system clipboard when you copy/paste database rows, it is possible to slow down your system if you copy/paste very large databases. In our testing here we were easily able to copy/paste over two thousand rows in a single operation. So you can copy/paste entire databases.

However if you need to copy/paste a very large database, you might want to copy/paste the database in smaller batches.

The Paste Results Dialog

The dialog contains two tabs:

Statistics Tab - The statistics tab displays the number of rows input and added and the number of errors.

Log Tab - The log tab displays each row input and the error message if there was an error adding the row. Click on the Find Next Error button to locate the next error in the log. Click the Close button to close the dialog.

Once the Paste Results Dialog is closed Readerware will display all the new rows just added. You can browse through them and make any edits you want.

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