Readerware Detail View

The Readerware detail view is used to:

There are at least 4 tabs in each detail view:

Editing an item

The Edit tab displays the full item and most fields are editable. The exceptions are fields like date added and last updated which are set automatically.

The Edit tab includes both the image and data in a split panel.

You can also edit the image, right click on the image to display the popup menu. Mac users Control-Click.

You can change the position of the image panel, the number of images displayed etc. in Preferences. If you need more space to edit the data you can adjust the split by dragging it with the mouse. You can collapse it completely if you don't need to see the image. Click on the buttons on the divider to collapse and restore the split.

You can control the level of detail displayed on the Edit tab, choose between Full, Standard, Brief and Seller. You can set the default display type in Preferences. Normally the display type is used globally and applies to all records but you can save a different setting for each record if you want. For example if your music library is mostly jazz or rock you are probably not interested in fields like Composer, Conductor, Work etc. So you choose the standard display mode as the default as it does not include this information. You do have some classical albums though. For these you would like to see this information. Select the full display type and then click on the Update button. Readerware will save this setting in the record and always display the full listing for this item.

Many fields in the Edit tab will have a specific editor to help you enter an appropriate value. Some are plain text, you just enter the data, others will have specific editors:

Many fields include a search item on the popup menu. For example right click in the author field to display the popup menu. Mac users Control-Click. Select Search from the popup menu and Readerware will search the database and display all books by this author. This can be a very useful feature when editing a record, you might want to make changes to other books by this author, items in this category etc. You can also access the clipboard functions from the popup menu.

Finally at the bottom of the panel is the button bar:

The Update button is actually a group of three buttons. Click on the main Update button to update the current item. The updated item is still displayed and you can make further changes or use the toolbar Home button to return to the parent view, the Back and Forward buttons to move to another item. Click on the <+ button to the left of the main Update button to update the current item and move to the previous item. Similarly click on the +> button to the right of the main Update button to update the current item and move to the next item.

Editing item contents

Each item in your database can have a list of contents. Books can have Volumes and Chapters, videos can have discs and episodes, albums can have discs and tracks. You edit these entries the same way regardless of the product.

Using an album as an example, display the album in the detail view and click on one of the disc tabs. The tracks on that album are displayed. All fields can be edited, just click in the field.

There can be any number of discs in an album, you can create additional discs using the Add disc button.

There can be any number of tracks on a disc. A powerful track editor is included, you can right click on a track number to access the editor. Control-Click on a Mac. Select the desired function from the popup menu.

You can insert and delete tracks, copy/paste tracks.

You can insert a disc break. This can be useful if a site does not include disc breaks in their listings, some sites might list a double album as a list of 38 tracks. If track 20 is the first track on disc 2, right click on track 20 and select Insert Disc Break. Readerware will create a new disc and move the remaining tracks on to it.

If you are cataloging vinyl you can insert side breaks to keep track of which tracks are on each side of the LP.

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