Readerware Fish Eye View

The fish eye view is a new way to display a large number of search results. When you only have a few items in your database, it can look kind of silly, but try it again when you have a several hundred or several thousand titles and you can see the power of the fish eye view.

The view is built around the root node in the center of a circle, colored dots radiate out from the center. The first row of nodes are yellow and represent authors, the next row of dots are green and represent the titles.

Need to find a particular author? Maybe you can see the author node, simply drag it to the center of the view. If you cannot see a particular author, click in the approximate position and drag to the center. Now this area of the view is enlarged as it moves and you can see more detail. Select the author node or go straight to the titles and drag them to the center.

Right click on a title node and you can display the cover image or detail view of that item by selecting from the popup menu. Click anywhere in the view to remove the cover image

Navigate through all items in the search results using the Back/Forward buttons in the toolbar. Readerware displays each title in the detail view.

Click on the toolbar Home button to return to the fish eye view.

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