Auto-Catalog Preferences

Use this panel to choose which fields are extracted when cataloging, default values for fields not found etc.

Database Columns

Columns displayed with a green check mark are extracted, those displayed with a red X are not. Double-click on an entry to toggle its state.

Default Value

Select a column in the above list. The default value field will change allowing you to enter or select an appropriate value for the column.

You can assign default values to a column regardless of its extraction state. If the column is being extracted, the default value is only used if no data is found during extraction. If the column is not being extracted, the default value is always used.

Not Found Items

When an item is not found by auto-catalog, Readerware can add a dummy record to the database. The record will have a title of "Not found". You can search for this title to help identify items that were not cataloged.

Amazon Access

Some Amazon sites provide two modes of access, regular web access and an API for data retrieval. If this option is checked, Readerware will use the Amazon API when available.

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