Contributor Preferences

Use this panel to control how contributors like Author and Artist are displayed, sorted and searched.

Contributor Name Display

Readerware maintains the name of each contributor in two formats, one for display purposes and one for sorting. You can edit either one in the contributor dialog. By separating the display and sorting of names you have a lot of options to control how names are displayed and sorted.

You can control how Readerware uses these names by choosing one of the following options. Assume the display name is Agatha Christie and the sort name is Christie, Agatha.

Search Options

Normally when you select a contributor search, Readerware sets the operator to "is" and Readerware looks for an exact match. You can change this so that Readerware sets the operator to "contains".

For example, if you search for albums by selecting Carole King from the list, Readerware returns a list of albums where she is the only artist.

If you do a contains search, Readerware will return albums by Carole King, Carole King & James Taylor etc.

If the Force a "contains" search option is checked, Readerware will set the "contains" operator automatically whenever you select a contributor search.

Normally when you use type ahead to select a contributor, Readerware looks for an exact match. i.e. if the contributor name contains accented characters you must type that character to match.

You can also tell Readerware to strip accents in type ahead. Now if you enter "Sine", Readerware might select "Sinéad O'Connor" for example.

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