Database Column Names Preferences

Use this panel to change the database column names. You can change the names for any purpose. Maybe you just prefer another name, maybe you are using Readerware to catalog different items, maybe you would like to use another language. The name you choose will be displayed as column headings in the table view as field names in the detail view etc.

Any name you change will be unique to this database. Each database can have a different set of column names.

Column names table

All the database columns are displayed in a table. There are three columns in this table.

The first column contains the database column name. This column is read only, it cannot be changed.

The second column is the standard Readerware column name, i.e. the default column name that is displayed in the table view, the detail view etc. This column is read only, it cannot be changed.

The final column is the new column name, the name you want to use whenever this column is displayed. You can enter the new name in this column. Find the column you want to change by scrolling through the table. Enter your preferred name in the third column. For best results you should try and keep your name to about the same length as the Readerware name.

Normally Readerware uses the same name for both the table and detail views. Readerware automatically adds a colon to the detail view label, i.e. "Title:". However there are a couple of columns where Readerware uses different names for the table view and detail view. For example take a look at the Readerware name for the Cover Condition column:
Cover Condition | Cover
In this example there are two names separated by the | character. The first name is used as the table view column name and the second is used as the detail view label. In this instance we have shortened the column name in the detail view. You can use the same technique when defining your column names.

To remove an individual column name just click in the cell and delete the contents.

Sorting the table

You can sort the column names table on any of the three columns. Normally the table is sorted on the Readerware name column. Notice the sort icon in the column header. To change a column name scroll the table until you see the Readerware column name you want to change.

What if you want to see which column names you have changed. You could simply scroll the table looking for rows with an entry in the New name column. But there is another way. Click on the New name column header. This sorts the table by the New name in ascending sequence, i.e. all the empty columns come first. Click on the column header again to toggle the sequence and display the New names in descending sequence. Now all the column names you have changed jump to the top of the table.

Restoring the standard column names

If you decide you want to go back to the standard column names, click on the Restore default column names button. All data in the third table column will be deleted and Readerware will use the default column names.

The Button Panel

Once you have made your changes, click on OK to save them and have them take effect. Click on Cancel to discard your changes.

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