Database Access Preferences

Use this panel to specify how the database should be accessed, set a password etc.

Database Open Dialog

If the Standard Open Dialog option is selected Readerware uses the standard operating system file selection dialog and you can open your local database.

If the Advanced Open Dialog is selected Readerware will use a custom dialog that will let you open a standard database, connect to an external database or connect to a Readerware Server.

Connecting to an external database or a Readerware server requires Readerware Client/Server Edition. If the Advanced Open Dialog option is disabled, you don't have Readerware Client/Server Edition. Upgrades are available on the website.

Database Access Mode

The database access mode is the mode Readerware will use when a database is opened. Choose from: You can optionally disable access to preferences in read only or checkout modes.

If the database access mode has been set to read only or checkout mode, you can request full access to the database later using the Edit->Request Update Access menu item.

If the require password option has been set, you will have to enter the password before full access will be granted.

You can use this option to restrict full access to authorized users. For example if you set the mode to checkout, users will be able to search, browse and checkout items. If you are an authorized user you can request full access, supply the password and you will be able to update the database.

The next time Readerware is started the access mode is set to checkout mode again.

If a password has been set, you will need to provide the existing password before you can change these settings.

Open recent menu item count

The File->Open recent menu item can be used to switch between databases. By default it holds the last six accessed databases. You can change this to a value between 2 and 25.

Client/Server auto reconnect option

When running in client/server mode, Readerware can automatically reconnect to the Readerware server when the connection is dropped.

When you select a function that requires database access, Readerware will check that a database connection is available. If a connection is not available it will attempt to reestablish the connection. If successful, the default search is run and you will need to select the function again.

If Readerware cannot reconnect to the server, the Database Chooser is displayed.

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