Toolbar Preferences

Use this panel to change how toolbars are displayed.

Display options

You can choose to display toolbars with icons and labels, icons only or labels only.

The default is to display both icons and labels. Once you are familiar with the toolbar you can turn off the labels to reduce the size and clutter.

Button tooltips

If checked Readerware will display a popup window when you hold the mouse over a toolbar button. If clear no tooltips are displayed.

The tooltip will display a more detailed description of what the button does. A good combination is to turn off labels and turn on tooltips. You have a smaller toolbar and can display the tooltip if you ever forget what a button does.

Icon sizes

You can display the toolbar icons in the following sizes:
Small24 pixels
Medium  32 pixels
Large48 pixels

Toolbar item selection

You can choose to add additional functions to the standard toolbar:

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