Update Preferences

Readerware can check for product updates at regular intervals. Using this preferences panel you can turn the update check on and off, set the interval and manually check for updates.

Check for updates automatically

If checked Readerware will check for updates at the specified interval. If cleared Readerware will never check for updates.

If update checking is turned on you can set the interval in days. If you set the interval to seven days, Readerware will next check for updates in seven days time and every seven days after that.

We do recommend that you check for updates regularly.

Check Now

You can check for updates at any time by clicking on the Check Now button.

If a new version is available Readerware will display the latest version number and enable the Go to Download Page button. This will launch your browser and take you to the Readerware web site where you can download the latest version.

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