Table View Preferences

This panel is used to change table view preferences.

Display Preferences

Use system row background color

If checked Readerware will query the operating system for the table row background color. If cleared Readerware will use a white row background.

Alternate row background color

Readerware can display alternate row background colors, i.e. even numbered rows in one color, odd numbered rows in another color. If checked Readerware will display alternating row background colors If cleared Readerware will display all rows with the standard background color.

This option is on by default on Mac OS X, it is off by default on all other platforms.

Display single result in detail view

When a search returns a single result you have the option of displaying this item in the table view as a single row or in the detail view, just as if you had selected the detail view from the table.

If checked Readerware will display a single result in the detail view. If cleared Readerware will display it in the table view.

Highlight links in table

When in navigation mode Readerware can highlight links in the table similar to a browser. In Readerware you can click on a link to refine the search results, i.e. click on an author link to display all books by that author.

If checked Readerware will highlight links. If cleared Readerware will not highlight links but the mouse pointer will still change as it goes over a link and the link will still function.

Table View Maintenance

To show and hide columns in a view, select the view in the left list, then select the column in the right list. Double click on any column to toggle its status. A check mark indicates the column is shown in the view, an X indicates the column is hidden.

To show all columns click on the check mark button. To hide all columns click on the X button. You can then set the state of individual columns as described above.

To change the order of columns in a view, select the column in the right list. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to change the position of the column in the view.

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