Printing Spine Labels

Readerware lets you print Dewey Decimal Number and Call Number spine labels. You can use these labels to help shelve your books.

Selecting the items to print

Readerware will print spine labels for the current search results or selected items. Start by searching your database to list the items you want to print. For example you could do a Date Entered search to list all new items. You can select items from the list of returned results if applicable. Now select File->Print->Spine Labels.

Printing Spine Labels

Select and setup your printer - You can print spine labels on any ink jet or laser printer using label sheets. Readerware also supports Dymo LabelWriter label printers which take label rolls. You can select the paper orientation. portrait or landscape. Note when using a Dymo label printer that Landscape is the default orientation.

Select the items you want to print - You can print the current search results or selected items.

Choose your label stock from the list - Readerware supports several Avery labels both US legal and A4 sizes. If you have a Dymo LabelWriter printer select the Dymo label stock

Select the database field you want to use as the source for the spine labels - Dewey Decimal Number, Call Number or None. Based on your selection you can also set options that control how the number will print. Some Dewey Decimal Numbers will include a truncation mark, normally a slash. Readerware can print the full number or truncate it. Normally Call Numbers are broken into multiple lines so that they will be visible on the spine of a book, but you can also print them on a single line. If you select None, then only the text line will print.

Add a line of text to your label - You can optionally and a single line of text that will be output below the label text. For example you could add a line identifying your organization, a property of line etc.

You can also include a mini template in this field to print data from your database. For example:
will include the book title on the label.

Click on the Print button to print your spine labels.

Tips on Printing Spine Labels

You can include one line of text to be printed below the text assuming the label is big enough. For example you could add "Property of your local library" to the label.

You can also include a mini template in this field to include data from your database. This is a very powerful feature, it uses the same keywords as the report writer. (Book keywords, Music keywords, Video keywords). Some examples:
will include the book title.

will include the first three characters of the author in uppercase.

Dymo labels can fade over time if exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light. You should consider label placement when choosing Dymo labels.

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