Readerware Mobile on an iPod

iPod Readerware Intro Note: This is for a classic iPod only, it will not work on an iPod Touch or iPhone etc.

You can export your Readerware databases to iPod Notes format and take your databases with you. Once on your iPod you're fully mobile, take your Readerware databases with you when you visit your favorite brick and mortar stores. You can easily check your databases to identify the titles you already own and titles you are looking for.

Exporting to your iPod

You first thing to do is set up the data that you want to export to your iPod:
Now you are ready to actually export your data to your iPod so connect your iPod to your computer as normal. It will appear as another hard drive.

In Readerware select File->Export to launch the Export Wizard:
This is the recommended way to transfer your database to your iPod. Setting up an iPod table view means that you can easily transfer the same columns each time. There are other options, see the Export Wizard documentation for more information on transferring your books, music and videos to your iPod..

Using Readerware on your iPod

iPod Readerware Book Listing When you export your Readerware database to iPod Notes format, Readerware creates a series of iPod Note files, so you must use the Notes facility to access your databases. From the top level iPod menu select Extras, then Notes. You should now see your Readerware databases.

A quick tip, you can add Notes to your top level iPod menu. Click on Settings then Main Menu. Turn Notes On and it will now appear on the top level iPod menu for even faster access to your Readerware databases.

Select the database you want to view. You will see a high level list of the database contents, the authors, artists or titles. Scroll to find the entry you want and then select it.

You will now see the detail listing for all items in that part of the database. You can scroll around to find the item you want.

To return to the previous page, click on the iPod menu button. If you want to view the next section of the database you will find a Next link at the bottom of the current list..

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