Manually Adding a Video to your Database

Normally you will use auto-catalog or drag & drop to add a video to your database but you can also add a video manually.

To add a video to your database manually, click on the Add Video toolbar button or select the Edit->Add Video menu item.

A blank detail view will be displayed in the main window. The only field that is required is the Title, all the other fields are optional.

You can enter the basic video information on the Edit tab. If the item has a UPC you can scan the barcode into the UPC field or just type it in. All the number fields occupy the same space. Notice the drop down list to the left of the UPC. If you want to enter your own number for your new video, select User # from the drop down list and type it in.

To add credits, select the Credits tab. You can add the director, the screenwriter, the composer etc. You can also enter any number of actors. Click on the More... button if you need additional actor fields.

To add an image, select the Image tab. You can drag and drop an image on to one of the placeholder icons, either a local file or an image from the web. You can also copy/paste an image or select an image file from your hard drive. Click on an image placeholder icon and select from the popup menu.

If you want to include content information, click on the Disc 1 tab. A video can have any number of discs and each disc can have any number of tracks. Perfect for those season DVDs. Click on the Add disc button to add additional discs to the video. By default each disc will have space for 5 tracks. If you need more, right click on a track number and select Insert before or Insert after to add more tracks.

When you have entered the information for the video, click on the Add button to add the video to the database. At that point the Update and Delete buttons will also be enabled. If you want to add more information to the video entry, click on the Update button to update the video you just added. If you click on the Add button again another video will be added to the database.

When manually adding a video to the database you can base it on an existing video Start by displaying the video you want to copy in the detail view. Make any changes you want and then click on the Add button. Readerware will add a new video to the database containing the data from the video you started with and your edits.

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