Readerware Loan Tracker

Readerware now provides two ways to manage circulation.

Introducing the Readerware Loan Client

The Readerware Loan Client is a separate program, part of Readerware Client/Server Edition, that just handles loans. It adds additional functionality like importing borrowers, printing borrower barcode labels, borrower reports etc. It also makes it easier and faster to check books in and out.

The Readerware Loan Tracker continues to provide basic loan functionality within Readerware itself. The two systems are fully compatible. For example if you check a book out in Readerware it will appear in the Readerware Loan Client.

Using The Readerware Loan Tracker

The Readerware Loan Tracker provides an easy way to track items out on loan, you can easily loan out an item, set a due date and search for all items out on loan and items overdue.

Checking Items In and Out

You can access the Loan Tracker in several ways:

The Loan Tracker Window

In The Readerware Loan Tracker Window, you can enter the following information:

Loan Number - If you have multiple copies of an item, you can have multiple loan records. Readerware will not allow more loan records than you have copies.

To add a new loan, select the <New Loan> entry. If this entry is not in the list, it means that you have already loaned out all copies.

To update an existing loan or return an item, (delete the loan), select the appropriate loan number. If no loan numbers are displayed in the list, there are no existing loans.

Loaned To - The name of the person or organization borrowing the item, (Required field).

You can select the borrower from the list or enter a new borrower. When you add the loan, the borrower is automatically added to the list and can be selected next time they borrow an item.

Loaned Date - The loan date, this defaults to the current date, (Required field).

Due Date - The due date, the default loan period is set in Preferences, (Required field).

Click on the New Loan button to add the item to the Readerware Loan Tracker database.

Click on Update Loan to update an existing loan entry.

When the item is returned, click on the Returned button to delete the item from the Readerware Loan Tracker database.

Click on Cancel to dismiss the Readerware Loan Tracker without making any changes.

Searching for Items on Loan and Overdue

To search for items out on loan, use the standard Readerware Search facility and select On Loan from the search by combo box and either Out On Loan or Overdue from the search for drop down list.

Loan Statistics

Readerware automatically tracks the number of times an item was loaned out and the date of the last loan. These database fields can be added to the table view. Normally they are set automatically but you can also update these fields manually.

These statistics can aid you in removing unused titles from your library.

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