Site Preferences

Readerware Site Preferences are used to customize the site drop down lists used for cataloging and ordering. You can also choose a default site to use when displaying an item in your browser.

Import URL List

The Import URL list is used by auto-catalog. The auto-catalog drop down list will include the sites you select in the order specified.

Sites displayed with a green check mark are included in the list, sites displayed with a red X are hidden. Double click on an entry to toggle the selection.
- Site will be included in the list
- Site is hidden
To change the order of a site in the list, first select it and then use the arrow buttons to move it up or down.

The first active site in the list is used when you display the current product in your browser.

Order URL List

The Order URL List determines which sites will be searched when you run a price check or place an order from your want list. You configure this list in the same way you configure the import list.

Display at URL List

The Display at URL List is used to choose the web site you want to display an item at when you select the Browser toolbar button from the main window or Want List, double click on an item in the table view etc. You can only select a single site from this list, the item will be displayed at that site, i.e. Amazon, Discogs etc.

If the Browser button should override site selection with Source column option is checked, Readerware will use the site the item was cataloged from, i.e. the contents of the Source column, to determine which site to display the item at.

After displaying the item at your preferred site you can look for similar items to add to your collection, order the item etc.

The Button Panel

Once you have made your changes, click on OK to save them and have them take effect. Click on Cancel to discard your changes. Note you only have to click on OK when you have finished all your changes, you can move between panels and only click OK when you are done. This will close the Readerware preferences dialog.

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