The Readerware Want List

The Readerware Want List

You can use the Readerware Want List to track the items you want to add to your collection. Click on the Want List toolbar button to display your want list.

When you add an item to your database it is assigned a status code, the default status is "Own" which means that the item is in your collection.

Any item with a status code of "Want" or "Ordered" is not yet part of your collection and will appear in your want list.

You can move items in and out of your want list by changing the item status.

You can also drag & drop items onto your want list. The item will be added to your database with a status of "Want", so it will also appear in your want list automatically.

By default Readerware displays want list items in the main database and in the want list. If you prefer that want list items do not appear in the main database, you can change how Readerware handles want list items in Preferences.

Using the Readerware want list

When you open your want list Readerware will display all items in the list in a standard table view. You can configure this table just like a normal table view. You can show/hide columns, move them around, sort your want list on any column etc.

Two columns in the want list table view are displayed as links, the product key, i.e. the ISBN or UPC and the record ID. Clicking on either of these links will display the full item in the detail view.

With the Readerware want list you can:

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