User Defined Column Preferences

The Readerware User Columns Preferences tab is used to define additional columns in the Readerware database. These can be used for whatever information you want.

Once activated the columns can be added to the table view, and will be automatically displayed in the detail view. You can also perform searches on user defined columns.

To activate a column, check the Active check box.

Enter the Column Title, this value will be displayed as the column header in the table view, as the tag name in the detail view, and as the search choice in the search bar.

Select the column type:

When adding a new field you can use the Bulk Editor to set an appropriate default value. For example when defining a new whole number field you might want to set a default value of 0.

To remove a column, clear the Active checkbox. Note that this does not remove the column or the data entered from the database, it simply removes it from display.

The Button Panel

Once you have made your changes, click on OK to save them and have them take effect. Click on Cancel to discard your changes.

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