Contributor Dialog

The Readerware Contributor Dialog is used to define contributors like author, artist, actor, director etc. In addition to the name of the contributor you can include other data like a picture, dates and a biography.

Contributor Names

Readerware maintains the name of each contributor in two formats, one for display purposes and one for sorting. You can edit either one. By separating the display and sorting of names you have a lot of options to control how names are displayed and sorted.

It is important that these names are correct. For example you could enter a display name of "Agatha Christie" and a sort name of "Christie, Agatha". This enables you to display the name in normal format but sort under C. You can control how Readerware displays and sorts names in preferences.


You can include a picture of the contributor. Right click on the image and select from the popup menu. You can select a file, copy/paste an image from your browser, drag & drop an image etc.


You can record birth and death dates as well as the place. Enter a date or click on the down arrow and select from the calendar widget.


You can choose up to three different roles for a contributor. For example a contributor could be both an actor and director.


Enter the URL of the web site for this contributor. If you click on the icon to the left of the link, Readerware will open the page in your browser.

Notes and biography

You can enter any notes you want and a full biography. You can copy/paste into either field.


Use the buttons at the bottom of this dialog to save your changes or delete the contributor.

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