Readerware Tree View

The Readerware tree view is a two panel view. In the left panel is the tree. You can determine how the tree is organized by selecting from the category list at the top of the tree.

The tree contains two types of nodes a folder node for the top level category and an item node for each item in your database.

You can expand all folder nodes by right clicking on the tree and selecting from the popup menu.

You can expand individual folder nodes by clicking on the expand symbol or double-clicking on the node itself.

As you click on a node the contents of the right panel change based on your selection.

For example you can display your book database in the tree view by author and title. Select an author node to display all books by that author. Select a title node to display full information about the book.

Selecting a folder in the tree

A folder node can contain multiple items, i.e. all albums by a particular artist.

When you select a folder node the contents are displayed in the right pane.

You can choose between a table or thumbnail view for the contents of the folder node using Preferences. You could display all the albums as cover thumbnails or in a table. When you embed a view like this, it functions in the same way as the standalone view.

Selecting an item in the tree

When you select an item node the item is displayed in the detail view.

You can use the tabs in the detail view to display the item summary, images or edit the item.

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