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The importance of backing up your data cannot be overstated. Readerware may be the fastest way to catalog your library, but you will still invest a lot of time and effort in building your database just the way you want it. You should regularly backup your database.

Fortunately, Readerware makes backups easy too. Its built in backup support creates a single ZIP archive of your database, including all the data and images. To create a backup file, simply select File->Backup Database from the Readerware menu and the backup wizard will guide you through the simple process.

You should then save that file in a safe place. Store it on another computer or hard drive, on a ZIP or other removable drive. If you have a CD burner, put the file on CD. You could also consider putting it on an online server. Many standard ISP accounts also give you online storage, more than enough space to safely store your Readerware database.

If disaster strikes and you need to restore your database, its just as easy. Start Readerware and select File->Restore Database from the Readerware menu. Again, the restore wizard will step you through the simple process of recreating your Readerware database. Once the restore completes, you can open your restored database by  selecting File->Open Database from the Readerware menu.

Don't put it off, backup now!

Readerware allows you to easily backup your database to a compressed ZIP file. The backup file will contain all your data and images. You can then save this file in a safe place.

To restore, simply launch the Readerware Restore Wizard.

Backup File Selection

You need to tell Readerware the name of the backup file you wish to create and where it should be located. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Browse button and select the file using the file selection dialog.

If you check the Always replace existing file check box Readerware will automatically overwrite this file if it exists. If this is not checked, Readerware will display a confirmation dialog before overwriting an existing file. Use this option with care, for the best protection you want to keep multiple backup files and not always replace the same file.

If you check the Add date to filename check box Readerware will automatically add the current date to the backup file name. For example if you specify a backup file of "" and this option is checked, Readerware may create the file as "Books". This makes the backup process automatic, let Readerware create a unique file for you each time you backup. Having the date in the backup file name also makes it easy to identify the latest backup or restore your database to any point in time.

It is a good idea to keep several backup files. You should also store them off your hard drive, maybe on CD, maybe on another drive or computer, maybe online.

Verification Page

Next up is the verification page. This is your last chance to change your settings prior to running the Readerware backup. A quick summary of your choices is listed. Click on Next if you are ready to go. Click on Back if you want to change your choices.

Backup Running Page

When you reach this page, your Readerware backup is running. You will see a progress bar that will update as Readerware backs up the data to the ZIP file.

When the backup completes, click on the Next button to proceed to the final page of this wizard.

Backup Complete Page

This page displays the overall backup statistics:

When you are done, click the Finish button to exit the backup wizard.

Backing Up Your Database to CD

To create a backup of your database on CD, you have to backup the database to your hard drive first, then copy the zip file to a CD.

Operating systems typically do not have file system support for CDs, you cannot write directly to a CD the way you can to a hard drive. So backup to your hard drive first, then copy the file to CD.

This is where it gets tricky, getting the file to a CD differs with each OS. Some operating systems like Windows XP and Mac OS X, have this capability built in. Others like Windows 98 don't, you need a third party utility. Normally you will get a utility to do this with your computer or CD drive, maybe Nero, maybe EasyCD.

Windows XP

To copy the Readerware backup file to a CD

Mac OS X

To copy the Readerware backup file to a CD

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