Readerware Backup & Restore

Readerware backup & restore is for disaster recovery. A Readerware database is made up of multiple files. A backup creates a single compressed file containing all your data. You can then easily archive this file to CD, thumb drive, external hard drive or online etc. Backing up your database to your hard drive is a good first step, but hard drives do fail. Copying the backup file to another drive or removable media means that you will always be able to recover your data.

The opposite of backup is restore. This takes a Readerware backup file and creates a new database from it. So if disaster strikes and your laptop is stolen for example, you can install Readerware on another machine and restore your database.

You can manually backup your database at any time by selecting the File->Backup Database menu item. It is recommended that you also set up an automatic backup and Readerware will regularly backup your database for you. Select the Preferences menu item, then Database, then Backup. More...

Backing up your database

Backing up your database is a simple process, all you need to provide is the name and location of the backup file you want to create. The backup file will contain your full database and your current Readerware preferences. More...

Restoring your database

If disaster strikes you can use the Readerware restore wizard to recover your database.

If you had a total drive failure your first step is to reinstall Readerware. You can always download the latest version from the Readerware web site. Install the software as normal and register using the registration information you received when you ordered Readerware. If you select the options to restore your database and preferences, you will not need your registration information. When you restore preferences, your registration is included.

To restore your database start Readerware and select File->Restore Database to launch the restore wizard. You need to provide two pieces of information, the backup file to restore from and the name of the new database you want to create. You have the option of restoring just your database or your database and your Readerware preferences. More...